Rabemanantsoa, C



Maandag tot en met vrijdag, van september tot november, rest van het jaar in Madagascar.

Promotiefilmpje Master Antropologie



Social and Cultural anthropology & Sociolinguistics
Region: Madagascar


PhD project

The Mining-conservation nexus: New regimes of ‘’sustainable development ‘’ in Madagascar (project of Integrated Programme of Dr Sandra J.T.M. Evers)
Mining and conservation seem opposing practices, where the one implies mineral extraction the other is meant to protect biodiversity. In Madagascar both activities take place on the same stretches of land. Hence, why and how do mining corporations and conservationists determine new regimes of sustainable development in Madagascar?
The past decade showed a strong increase in mining in Madagascar, where over 80 % of the environment is unique to the word. The implementation of these project has led to polemic, political upheaval and conflict between the various stakeholders. The echoes of these dynamics are channeled through varied media and it is sometime difficult to separate imagined realities from real facts on the ground.
In this PhD research, I will spend substantive time in the field to analyze the representations and mediated legitimizations in relation to embodied land practices of various stakeholders in mining projects. I will particularly focus on the Ambatovy nickel and cobalt mine in East Madagascar.



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