Dr. J.C. Teelken

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
Universitair hoofddocent


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  • Organisatiekunde
  • Non-profit
  • Publieke sector
  • Hoger onderwijs


Onderzoek Christine Teelken



Publicaties (Bron: METIS VU)

  • Rob Eisinga, Christine Teelken, and Hans Doorwaard (2010, forthcoming) Assessing Cross-national Invariance of the Three-component Model of Organizational Commitment: A Six-country Study of European University Faculty, Cross-Cultural Research, 44, 4, November.
  • Laurie Lomas, Christine Teelken and Jani Ursin (2010, forthcoming) Quality Management in Higher Education: A Comparative Study of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Finland, book chapter, Leadership and Management of Quality in Higher Education'
  • Teelken, Christine & Monne Wihlborg (2010, forthcoming) Reflecting on the Bologna outcomespace – pointing to some pitfalls to avoid!? Exploring the universities in Sweden and the Netherlands. European Educational Research Journal (EERJ), 1,105-115.
  • Jani Ursin, Barbara Zamorski, Elinor Edvardsson Stiwne, Christine Teelken & Monne Wihlborg (2010). Introduction (to special issue). The Bologna Process: help or hindrance to the development of European higher education?, European Educational Research Journal (EERJ), 1, 29‑31 

  • Teelken, Christine & Laurie Lomas (2009) ‘How to strike the right balance between quality assurance and quality control in the perceptions of individual lecturers’: A Comparison of U.K. and Dutch Higher Education Institutions. Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM), 15, 3, 259-275.
  • Sanne Smeenk, Christine Teelken, Hans Doorewaard & Rob Eisinga (2009) Managerialism, organisational commitment, and quality of job performances among European university employees. Research in Higher Education, 589-607.
  • Teelken, Christine, Kees Boersma & Peter Groenewegen (2009) The graduate system in transition: the position of external PhD researchers? In Huisman, J. (ed.) ‘International Perspectives On The Governance Of Higher Education: Alternative Frameworks For Coordination’, in the series International Issues in Higher Education, Routledge/ Taylor & Francis), pp. 237-251.
  • Teelken, Christine (2009) The Globalisation of School Choice? By Forsey, Davies & Walford, book review, Cambridge Journal of Education, 39, 2.
  • Schryver, Tom de & Christine Teelken (2009) Eén zwaluw maakt nog geen zomer. Methodologische uitdagingen bij onderzoek naar cultuurverandering, M&O, special issue.


  • Coordinator EGOS Standing Working Group 'Organizing the Public Sector'.
  • Editor of book for Routledge: ‘Leadership, Management, and the Professions in the Public Sector’ 
    together with Mike Dent & Ewan Ferlie, due in 2010.
  • Chair of the EGOS-Standing Working Group: ‘Organizing the Public Sector: Governance and Public 
    Management Reform’ (2008-2011).
  • Member of EGOS-board (2009-2012)
  • Member of editorial board Journal of Change Management.




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