Prof.dr. P. Groenewegen

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )

Dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag


Organizational sociology and social networks


My research focuses on the institutional influence on organizations, the relational and the network processes within and between organizations. I make use of these approaches to understand scientific and online communities, collaboration in health care, and professional and societal collaboration in disasters. Attending to the field in which organizations and their member operate helps in explaining their relation choices. Understanding relational processes allows us to explain unintended outcomes and the struggle to reach common goals. My focus in analyzing organizing takes the structures as well as the dynamics of social networks as a methodological useful instrument.


MSc Thesis BCO


Publicaties (Bron: METIS VU)


CV Peter Groenewegen

Supervising the following PhD projects:

  • Simulation of organizational change ( Peter van Woensel, external,promotor, started spring 2010)
  • Banking and CSR (Anne Kok, promotor, started September 2010)
  • Organizational change sensemaking approach (Paul de Groot, Ordina, promotor, started autumn 2010)
  • Health care networks of the elderly (Marianne Jacobs, promotor, started january 2011)
  • Police public function and public reaction (Sietske de Ruijter, promotor, Police Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond, July 2011)
  • Modeling of communication and decision making in Crisis Response (Rianne Gouman, funded D-CIS Thales, promotor,  July 2011)
  • Knowledge transfer between university and industry (Nischa Korff, promotor,  Fachhochschule Munster, November, 2011)
  • Health care organizational networks and elderly care (Marieke van Wieringen, promotor, funded ZonMW, November 2011)
  • Culture and collaboration in Japanese Dutch companies (Greetje Corporaal, promotor, started 2011).
  • Social networks in mobile networks (Claudio Martella, funded EWIDSS, January 2012)
  • Reliable networks in emergency management (Willem Treurniet, promotor, funded TNO, started February 2012)
  • Relatie tussen werkveld en HBO opleidingen in de informatica (Hans Frederik, Hobéon en zelfstandig, promotor, January 2012)
  • Decision making in crisis management (Willem van Santen, promotor,  Peaks and Valley, started March 2012)
  • Communication ecology for emergency management (Remco Groet, RB&W, promotor, started April 2012)
  • Social network analysis of company knowledge communities (Bas Reus, Favela Fabric, started July 2012)


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