K.I. van Oudenhoven-van der Zee

Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee
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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( faculteit algemeen )
Decaan / Dean
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences 
As dean of the faculty, I am responsible for research and education that is organized around six disciplines (anthropology, communication science, organization science, political science, public administration, sociology). As joint research theme we focus on “Societal Resilience”. Social sciences by definition concentrate on social problems, the mission to contribute to their scientific clarification and explanation as well as to reflect on how to contribute to solving those problems. 
The research programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focuses on analyzing innovative configurations that are needed to deal with the far-reaching challenges that our current societies are faced with. A resilient society not just tries to respond to disruption and crisis by trying to bring the system back into balance, but rather tries to develop solutions that bring a system in a new state that is capable of dealing with present and future challenges, thus making society less susceptible to future disruption. Societal Resilience van be subsumed under the VU-themes “governance for society” and “Connected World”. The faculty hosts 6 Bachelor's programmes and 7 Master's programmes, a center for post academic education (VASS) as well as a graduate school for PhD's (GSSS). 

Chief Diversity Officer  
As Chief Diversity Officer I was responsible for the diversity policy of the VU from 2014-2019. Since December 2019 I am vicerector at the VU.

Chair in intercultural competence 
Intercultural competence is of increased importance, at the international workplace, in diplomatic circles, in board rooms of major worldwide companies and organizations, in schools, counseling clinics and hospitals (Chiu, Lonner & Matsumoto, 2013). Intercultural competence at work can be approached in terms of the interplay between individual characteristics of employees (e.g., openmindedness, cultural empathy) and characteristics of the organization (e.g. organizational structure, climate, HR-approaches). Up till now, scientific work on intercultural competence is rooted in different research traditions (cross-cultural psychology, personality psychology, HRM, management, organizational psychology/sociology) that have focused on isolated aspects of the construct. In my research, I try to integrate those perspectives into explanatory models that help theory building in the field and that can provide a useful basis for organizational policies 

Curriculum Vitae
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Nederlandse Stichtinggvoor Psychotechniek - Bestuurder Arnhem, 01 januari 2015
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