For Whom and When

You are eligible if you have secured all credits from your first year and have been awarded with a weighted average grade of at least a 7.5. In a weighted average a 12 ECTS course counts twice as much as a 6 ECTS course. If you have a 7.3 or more, you may apply for a wildcard. If the wildcard is granted, at the end of the HP you still have to meet the conditions to be able to graduate with Honours. All honours courses you pass appear as extracurricular courses on your BSc diploma. Upon successfully completing the entire programme, you receive a special BSc diploma stating that you have participated in the VU Honours Programme, and that you have completed your BSc degree within three years, with an average of at least 7.5 for your BSc courses and with an increased study load of 30 EC of honours courses. A successful completion of the Honours Programme is a great addition to your CV and increases your future opportunities.

In principle, you follow the HP in year 2 and 3 of your bachelor's degree. There are two compulsory courses within the Faculty of Social Sciences, the other courses you follow outside the faculty. These are courses that are offered on a VU-wide basis. There is a very wide range of subjects you can choose from. You incorporate these into your study plan yourself. First-year students who are already looking for an extra challenge can register earlier to take an HP course in the second semester.