Benefits and added value

The Honours Programme is an extra challenge for highly motivated students. What is the added value of the HP?

  • You follow special courses that have been developed for the HP and will complete the programme within the three years of your Bachelor's degree.
  • You participate in courses given at the VU, UvA and AUC, which are only accessible to HP students.
  • You immerse yourself in exciting subjects outside of your own discipline.
  • You work in small groups and are taught by top academics, therefore the speed and level of the courses will be high
  • You meet other HP students within your own faculty and discipline.
  • You learn to collaborate with HP students from other faculties. 
  • An excellent CV!
And beyond that:
  • Participate in a special and festive Graduation Event. 
  • Become a member of Extensus, a study association for HP students who organize study trips, Master classes and other activities. 
  • Gain access to a large Alumni network; very useful to your career and personal life
And... a small group of HP students are eligible for the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School: 5 weeks of study at a prestigious university in China! Your grades must be >8 average. There is a selection procedure, because a maximum of 100 Dutch students can participate, usually an average of 5-8 VU students are selected to participate. If you are selected, you will follow an intensive preparation process. The personal contribution is 1150 euro excl. personal expenses.