International Conference on Organizational Discourse

08-07-2020 | 10-07-2020


VU Amsterdam

The 14th International Conference on Organizational Discourse “Interstices, Intervals and Interrogations”

Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen

Sociale wetenschappen

Congres / symposium / seminar

The Discourse Conference has a long tradition of gatherings that inspire and deepen the discursive branch of organization studies, creating a platform for lively exchange between senior and junior scholars and establishing relationships of enduring academic cooperation.  

The 2020 conference theme is 'Interstices, Intervals and Interrogations'. It invites us to focus on the in-betweens, enclaves and intersections – the times and spaces where we may find terse storytelling or extensive story-swapping, discursive struggles or silent scheming, serious joking or hilarious debate, affectionate shouting or underplayed mumbling, strategic bullshitting, fake news or hard-boiled facts. Furthermore, the concern with ‘inter’ in our title questions how linkages and liaisons are constructed across social, cultural, organizational, institutional or disciplinary, and empirical or academic divides.