National and International co-operation

The research group participates in the Talma Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare , to which they contribute insights on the consequences of individual aging and societal changes regarding participation on the labour market and retirement, the participation in societal productive behaviour (informal care and volunteering), and the interdependence between formal and informal care.

Longstanding relationships exist with research groups in the VU University Medical Center (departments of Psychiatry and Epidemiology & Biostatistics of the EMGO+ Institute) due to joint participation in the interdisciplinary Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam [link to:], resulting in many publications on socioeconomic inequality in health, physical and cognitive health and social networks, and the use of formal and informal care.

Broese van Groenou and Martijn Huisman are board members of the Amsterdam Center on Aging ,a joint effort of research groups in VU University and VU Medical Center that aims to disseminate scientific knowledge on aging to policy, practice and the general public, and to collaborate in interdisciplinary research on aging.

The Netherlands
Cooperation exists with research groups and institutes that focus on dimensions of aging, like life course sociology (Kalmijn, UvA), demography (Liefbroer & Fokkema, NIDI), informal care (De Boer, SCP), psychogerontology (Stevens, KUN), healthy aging (Steverink, RUG), evolutionary perspectives on aging (Westendorp, RUL), alcohol abuse (Bovens, Trimbos; Kok & Van den Berg, Parnassia GGZ).

Europe and the USA
Strong and long-lasting cooperation exists with research groups in Germany (Tesch-Roemer, DEAS, Berlin), UK (Phillipson, Manchester; Glaser, London), Finland (Jylhä, Tampere; Rantanen, Jyväskylä), Italy (Dimaggio, Padua), Israel (Litwin, Jerusalem), USA (Silverstein, Syracuse University; Antonucci & Ajrouch, University of Michigan). Participation consists of exchange of staff members and PhD-students, collaboration in the organisation of seminars at annual meetings and collaboration in grant proposals. Silverstein has been appointed as a research fellow at the department of Sociology in 2010-2013.