Social Inequality in the Life Course (SILC)

SILC research analyzes participation in education, employment, occupation and the income distribution, in relationship to life course events in young and middle adulthood. In our research, we try to understand to relationships between social stratification and the life course against a context of modernization, globalization and new forms of government regulation. The group specializes in the analysis of large scale (often: comparative) datasets with advanced statistical methods is and also active in the collection and harmonization of large-scale survey data.

SILC is coordinated by Pavlopoulos ( and Liefbroer (

Group members

Bakker, prof.dr. Bart  bijzonder hoogleraar 
Bouwhuis, dr. Stef
Ganzeboom, prof.dr. Harry  emeritus hoogleraar  
Garnier Villarreal, dr. Mauricio
Liefbroer, prof.dr. Aat  bijzonder hoogleraar
Maas, prof.dr. Ineke  bijzonder hoogleraar 
Muis, Dr. Jasper 
Nagel, dr. Ineke
Pavlopoulos, dr. Dimitris  program leader SILC

PhD Students 
Csorba, Irene
Mattijssen, Lucille
Tourtouri, Myrto