Holi 2013, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

Papers in Progress

‘Strategic lives: when Indian knowledge migrant returns home’, Dr. Ratnakar Tripathy.

‘Gated Lives: Looking at the world within and without’, Dr. Ratnakar Tripathy.

‘How ideas travel: return knowledge migrants in the Indian Incubator’, Dr. Ratnakar Tripathy.

‘Putting one’s career on hold: an investigation in the non-economic activities of spouses of Indian knowledge workers in the Netherlands’, Dr. Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff, Dr. Kate Kirk and Sara de Prie.

‘Flexible Citizenship: Dutch Migration and Naturalization policies and the citizenship of Indian High Skilled Migrants’, Dr. Ellen Bal, Dr. Kate Kirk and Sarah Janssen.




Masters Theses

‘No Place like Home: Notions of home and belonging amongst Indian knowledge workers and their families living in the Netherlands’, Sarah Janssen (MA).

‘The Act of Giving: An anthropological study on the motivations and practices of Indian philanthropists in the context of social inequality in Indian society’, Aarti Baldewsing (MA).

‘Personal development in a transnational space: Identity in daily lives of Indian Expat Wives in the Netherlands’, Sara de Prie (MA).

‘Aid from abroad: the migration-, and professional experiences of Indian operation theatre assistants in the Netherlands in the context of international nurse migration (Zeger Polhuijs (MA).