Social and Cultural Anthropology

Constructing Human Security in a Globalising World

The research programme ‘Constructing human security in a globalising world’ investigates what security means to people and how they themselves try to realize security through cultural, symbolic and religious processes of sense-making, meaning and identity formation.

Programme leader: Prof.dr. Pál Nyíri

Thematic groups

There are five thematic groups within the research programme Constructing human security in a globalising world.

Part of the research is conducted in the frame of the Future of the Religious Past Programme of the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research.

Chairs by special appointment

Several of our extraordinary chairs have been established at VU Amsterdam by special appointment of Dutch social organisations. Moreover, two of our professors hold research chairs for the VU-Institute for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society in which the Faculty of Social Sciences collaborates.

  • Prof. dr. G.J. Abbink holds the extraordinary chair in Processes of Etnisation and Identity Formation in Africa. This chair has been established by Stichting Afrika Studiecentrum.
  • Prof. dr. Mattijs van de Port is VISOR professor in popular religiosity
  • Prof. dr. H.W. Roodenburg holds the extraordinary chair in Historical Anthropology and Ethnology of Europa. This chair has been established by KNAW/Meertens Instituut.
  • Prof. dr. H.G.C. Schulte Nordholt holds the extraordinary chair in History and Society of South East Asia. This chair has been established by KITLV/KNAW.
  • Prof. dr. Thijl Sunier is VISOR professor in Islam in European societies


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