Mission Statement

The Anthropology of Children and Youth Network brings together academics and practitioners engaged in research and work with children.


The impetus to form this Network (and the preceding Working Group) in June 2009 is the neglect of the voices, perceptions and realities of children and youth in research and practice. In anthropological writings, young people have commonly been depicted as objects rather than agents in processes of socialisation and, as a consequence, as unreliable or insignificant informants. It is our epistemological stance that children and youth are simultaneously socialised in their local social and cultural settings, and act as constructors of social environments and interpreters of culture. The concepts of children and youth are defined within their relational, cultural and local contexts in which age ranges and characteristics of who are considered to be children and youth vary.


  • Through monthly seminars, the Network promotes child- and youth-oriented theory, methodology, and research ethics;
  • The Network wishes to inspire (interdisciplinary) academic research and enhance dialogue with practitioners through joint research projects, publications and conferences;
  • The Network is meant to promote children- and youth-oriented approaches to children and youth studies and to develop theory useful to e.g. cognitive and social sciences, with an accent on anthropology;
  • The Network is committed to discussing and developing methodologies oriented towards children and youth; 
  • Ethical issues concerning research and work with children and youth are at the core of our attention. 

Organization and coordination

The Network holds monthly seminars and coordinates other forms of exchange (e.g. this website, a mailing list, and newsletters). The Network is directed by Dr. Sandra J.T.M. Evers under the auspices of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam.

Contact details