National and International co-operation

  • Centre for Police, Safety and Security Studies
  • Interfacultair VU Research institute for the heritage and history of the Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment (CLUE)
  • European Group of Public Administration

Our governance researchers have established a strong presence at various levels within the university as well as in the scientific community nationally and internationally. This leads to many initiatives and active involvement in various conferences and initiatives.

Centre for Police, Safety and Security Studies
We play a central role in the Centre for Police and Safety Studies (chair Prof. Boutellier) in which a number of faculties participate (Law including Criminology, Psychology). This involvement has additionally led to intensive co-operation with local government and the regional police force (with the establishment of a new chair in Safety and Citizenship), as with the national Police Academy, private security companies and other institutions.

European Group of Public Administration
Concerning the integrity of governance we initiated the establishment of a study group within the European Group of Public Administration. This EGPA Study Group on the Integrity and Ethics of Governance has proven to be a very successful endeavour with workshops in Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and a conference in 2005 in Leuven together with the Ethics Section of the American Society for Public Administration (the first Transatlantic Dialogue between EGPA and ASPA).

National co-operation
Within the university and at the national level, the research group has co-operated with many involved academics and institutions and participated in many initiatives (VU University Amsterdam Philosophy and History, Chair on Integrity University of Amsterdam, Corruption Platform Ministry of Justice, ASPA Section, International Institute for Public Ethics & World Ethics Forum, Anton de Kom University Surinam; Integrity Bureau City of Amsterdam, Internal Affairs departments of police forces). At a conference preceding the inaugural address of Prof. Huberts, in February 2005, more than 200 participants discussed the importance of integrity for their own profession.

Institutions and governance theme
The researchers on institutions and governance participate in the European PA network of EGPA and initiated an international comparative book project on inter-municipal co-operation. Additionally intensive relations have been established with researchers in South Africa. This included a conference in the Netherlands and active participation of Prof. Fleurke in research at the North-West University (SA).