New Public Governance

The Department of Governance Studies aims to do research with both academic and social relevance. The central themes of our research programme are the organization and quality of public governance, with special attention for topics in safety and security and the welfare state. With our research we connect to important developments in society, economy, public administration and politics, and the new guiding mechanisms with public authorities, society and market that result from that.

Our theoretical and methodological research principles are diverse. It is precisely this diversity of thoughts and the fact that we confront insights from different origines, that makes developing bodies of knowledge in our areas of research a fascinating and innovating activity. 

Programme leaders: Prof.dr. Leo Huberts and Prof.dr. Willem Trommel.

Chairs by special appointment

Several of our extraordinary chairs have been established at VU Amsterdam by special appointment of Dutch social organisations.

  • Prof. dr. J.C.J. Boutellier occupies the Frans Denkers chair in Security and Citizenship, which has emerged from a collaboration with the police corps Amsterdam-Amstelland and the City of Amsterdam
  • Prof. dr. A.B. Hoogenboom holds the extraordinary chair in Police Studies and Security Issues by special appointment of the Stichting Maatschappij, Veiligheid en Politie


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