Communication Science

Communication Choice, Content, and Consequences (CCCC)

Communication Science has changed profoundly due to the advent of new media technologies, new communication routines, and new empirical research methods. The department of Communication Science at the VU University Amsterdam responds to these major trends in Communication Science by aligning its research with a pointed and forward-looking research program, “Communication Choice, Content, and Consequences” (CCCC). The program strategically focuses on three evolving research areas that we consider of crucial importance to the discipline of Communication Science: Media Monitoring, Social Media , and Media Psychology.

• Media Monitoring: Analyses of message content play a central role in Communication Science. The rapid rise of digitalized communication opened up opportunities to gain insights by automatically examining vast amounts of content. By focusing on media monitoring, CCCC aims to contribute to this profound development in Communication Science. A specific focus lies on the development and application of automated content analyses.
• Social Media: The advent of Internet-based social media provided profound changes to the media landscape. The rise of social media is likely to impact established communication processes, and to establish new communicators, messages, and effects that Communication Scientists are called to examine and understand. By focusing on social media, CCCC responds to this major trend.

• Media Psychology: Psychological approaches to media and communication phenomena always played a role in Communication Science, but only recently the contours of media psychology as a sub-discipline have started to take shape. Media-psychological approaches promise to enrich Communication Science by importing new methodologies and insights from a successful adjacent discipline. By focusing on media psychology, CCCC aims to contribute to a dynamically developing domain in Communication Science and to provide important insights about the psychological underpinnings of media choices, experiences, and effects.

Studies carried out by CCCC scholars may often address two or all research areas simultaneously (e.g., automatic content analyses of social media messages). Furthermore, CCCC scholars examine the three research areas in different contexts, particularly in the context of politics, organizations, marketing, and health and well-being.

Programme leader: Prof.dr. Jan Kleinnijenhuis


Secretariat: C. Hienkens / S.I. Gielink                                                                                
Visiting address: Metropolitan, Room Z-405 (Secretariat), Buitenveldertselaan 3
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