Grants and awards

FSS laureates

The Faculty of Social Sciences employs many researches that belongs in the (inter)national top of their field. This gallery of honor gives an overview of researchers that have received honorary awards and position, research grants or awards for their scientific and societal performances during their stay at the faculty.

  • ERC-laureates.
  • NWO Innovation Laureates.
  • NWO Mosaic Laureates.
  • NWO Research Talent Laureates.
  • KNAW Acadamy Members.
  • Honorable appointments by the VU University Amsterdam.

Research awards

The faculty annually grants research awards: a thesis award, a dissertation award and biennially a research award to a reputable FSS-researcher for the most appealing, promising and/or original research presentation of the last period. A nomination for an award provides an example to other researchers, enables PhD students, departments and the faculty to put forward examples of excellent research and provides opportunities to communicate the research of the faculty to the outside world. Traditionally, the winners received their awards during the yearly FSS Talma lecture: