News August 2018

Graduate Council Recruitment

The VU-GSSS Graduate Council is recruiting new members! Are you interested in becoming a community builder, a bridge and a PhD buddy? And/or would you like to represent PhD interests, help to maintain and improve the quality of supervision, doctoral education, PhD life and work in our faculty? Contact the Graduate School for more information and to apply (

Ius promovendi

As a complement to the new VU Doctorate Regulations, FSS has formulated implementation guidelines for assigning the ‘ius promovendi’ to an Associate Professor. An Associate Professor who desires to act as the promotor for an (incoming) PhD-candidate can submit a request to be granted the ‘ius promovendi’ at the secretariat of the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS). For more information, contact the Graduate School:

Hora Finita coffee & cake walk-in hour

Hora Finita is up and running. If you encounter difficulties using the new system, please feel welcome to walk in during our weekly consultation hour (room 2E64, Department of Political Science & Public Administration). The FSS key users, Mieke Noordam, Alexandra Filius & Saskia Jans will be available to answer all your questions.

New PhD candidates 2018-2019

During the Induction Conference this September our faculty will welcome approximately 25 new PhD candidates. In the previous newsletters we have already introduced some of these new PhD students who have already started their project. In the coming newsletters we will introduce some of the PhD candidates from the new cohort.

New application, admission & registration procedure

The procedures for application, admission and registration to the PhD programme was revised and approved by the Faculty Board in July. Please check the procedure if you are planning to supervise a new PhD candidate. The procedure is available on request at VU-GSSS:

Bridging Program

In September the VU-GSSS organises a Bridging Programme aimed at PhD candidates from (far) abroad – or who have been working outside of academia for a long time. This pilot programme is intended to precede the ‘regular’ PhD education programme of VU-GSSS. Many new VU-PhD candidates have already signed up for the whole programme or for separate modules of the programme. However, if you are planning to supervise an international or external PhD candidate who would benefit from this programme, please let us know by sending an email to The program itself can be found in our Study Guide.