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News January 2019

Coming week the Graduate Council will host the first writing marathon of 2019. On Tuesday March 19th from 10.00 till 16.00 there will be a full day of writing together with fellow PhD candidates in room WN-C616. The idea of a writing marathon is that we come together with a group of PhD's to do some focused writing (or other things you have to work on at the moment). At the beginning of the day you set your goal(s) and with a strict structure of 50 minutes writing and a 10-minute break we aim to reach out goal(s). Lunch will be provided during the day, including some snacks during the breaks for extra writing energy. If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to

-    How to present your research – dr. Christine Moser (start: 28 Feb)
-    Data analysis in R – dr. Wouter van Atteveldt and dr. Kasper Welbers (start: 4 March)
-    Advanced Theory Construction – Prof. dr. Marshall Scott Poole (start: 15 March)
-    Grant Writinng Workshop - Dr ir Louise Mennen (start: 26 March)

Check our Study Guide for more information about courses and registration.

Alexandra Greene
Project title: Engaged scholarship and narratives of change in a comparative perspective
Alexandra is supervised by Halleh Ghorashi and Tara Fiorito.

Robert Larruina
Project title: Happy anniversary? Civil society, governmental organizations, self-organized refugees and the resilience of Dutch society between 2011 & 2021
Roberts’s PhD project will take 3 years and it is combined with teaching activities at ORG. He is Supervised by Halleh Ghorashi and Kees Boersma.


Elena Liberati
Project title: “Assisted Voluntary Return” (AVR) Programmes - A comparative analysis of policy discourse and on the ground practices in Italy
Elena is supervised by Fridus Steijlen and Giulia Sinatti


The former 8-month product is changed into ‘Go/No Go (GNG) assessment’. Like the 8- month product, the GNG product is an assessment of a candidates quality, performance and project progress in the first year of the PhD trajectory and is used as decision moment whether to continue with the PhD trajectory or not.

GNG product
The guidelines for the GNG assessment have been adjusted so that it fits more to ones needs; candidates have the choice to either write a full proposal, or write a short research proposal in combination with  first article or chapter of the dissertation. Furthermore, the PhD candidate should include an elaborated plan for the remaining trajectory, an ethical review and a Data Management Plan (DMP). And last, the supervisors should provide an explicit approval.

For Who?
FSS PhD candidates who started on or after 1 January 2019 will hand in a GNG product. Candidates who started before are free adopt the new procedure or follow the old guidelines. 

More information
On our website (under Important Documents) you find the GNG-guidelines.

We congratulate Freek Colombijn (SCA) on obtaining Ius promovendi. He obtained the right to act as Supervisor within our faculty.
From January onwards you will finds us every Thursday in room 2A59. The FSS key users, Mieke Noordam, Alexandra Filius & Saskia Jans will be available to answer all your Hora Finita related questions.