FIU new partner in research on fighting large-scale financial crimes

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has joined the research programme 'Public Private Partnership in the Financial Sector' (PPP). This research focuses on public-private partnerships in the financial sector, with a particular emphasis on criminal money flows. A chair has been established for this programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

03/16/2021 | 10:05 AM

As of November 2020, the chair of PPP at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the department of Organization Sciences was established by appointing Claudia Nagel as full professor for it. The chair was originally initiated by ABN AMRO and the FIOD, and was later founded together with the Ministry of Justice & Security and the Ministry of Finance. As of March 2021, the FIU will join the group of supporters of the chair.

The academic research of the chair focusses on soft aspects of collaboration in public private partnership. It studies how leadership and emotions as well as culture and sensemaking narratives influence collaboration in and the success of PPP. 

Fighting large-scale crime

Nagel says she is very pleased with the partnership. ‘With the FIU as a supporter we have now involved one of the key players fighting large-scale crime. They often take part in ppp, such as for example the serious crime task force. Therefore, we are delighted that they will support the research.’

The Head of the FIU, Hennie Verbeek-Kusters explains ‘The FIU is deeply interested in improving the fight of financial crime and in this aims to learn more about how to best collaborate with private partners such as banks as well as with other governmental institutions in this societal endeavor. It seems as if we’re by role a genuine supporter for this research.’

The research programme is an initiative of the Department of Organization Sciences and is headed by Professors Marcel Veenswijk and Issy Drori.