Two teams of FSS scientists 'Valued' for structural use of science communication

The Pilot Fund Science Communication by Scientists: Appreciated! has rewarded two groups of FSS scientists who structurally engage in science communication with € 10,000. The teams of Professor of Anthropology Marjo de Theije and Professor of Media Psychology Elly Konijn have been honored for their research.

04/29/2021 | 3:45 PM

Despite the great importance of interaction between science and society, science communication is still far from being recognized as a fully-fledged part of a scientific task package. Therefore, the Pilot Fund Scientific Communication by Scientists: Appreciated! rewards large groups of scientists who are structurally committed to scientific communication. Each team receives €10,000.

The team of Professor of Anthropology Marjo de Theije facilitates and makes accessible research on social and ecological crises, in order to contribute to societal discussions on global citizenship.

The team of Professor of Media Psychology Elly Konijn, in the research 'Social Robots Serving Society', is concerned with developing social robots that can contribute to society, particularly for older people.

About the fund
Appreciated! is intended for ongoing science communication projects, carried out by a group of scientists. Ninety-six applications were submitted, from 62 faculties from all universities in the Netherlands. Of these, 91 have been honored. 
The fund was established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is implemented by the KNAW.