Marieke Slootman receives grant for research on Identity Networks

Do Identity Networks (such as multicultural youth associations) contribute to societal equity and how do they do so? What roles do these networks play in processes of social mobility and societal participation?

04/06/2021 | 3:30 PM

Identity networks can be sources of social and cultural capital, but at the same time they are feared to enhance segregation and polarization. 

The grant, which has been awarded by the newly founded Amsterdam Kenniscentrum Ongelijkheid, enables dr. ir. Marieke Slootman and her consortium partners from HvA, InHolland, ECHO and Diversity Talks to carry out this study. They will explore the ways in which identity networks possibly strengthen agency and recognition, but also possibly enhance segregation and essentialization of identities. This knowledge will help identity networks shape their goals, strategies and collaborations in even more informed ways. In addition, it will help institutions – such as VU or the city of Amsterdam – to make better informed decisions on collaborations (how, with whom, with what goals).