Master's programmes

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam currently offers Master's programmes taught in both English and Dutch. There are seven International Master's programmes:

Culture organization and management 2Culture, Organization and Management
Explore key issues of culture and identity in the ever-changing world of management and organizations.
Political science 2Political Science: Democracy, Power and Inequality
Study the mechanisms and distribution of power
Political science 2Political Science: Global Environmental Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change
Study the politics of global environmental governance
Political science 2Political Science: International Relations, Security and Global Order
Study international relations and conflicts within a changing world order
Social and cultural anthropology 2Social and Cultural Anthropology
Explore one of today’s most pressing questions: how do people deal with the challenge of fundamental human insecurity and accelerating globalization?
Societal Resilience

Societal Resilience (Research)
How does society deal with complex global problems like aging and migration? How do communities bounce back after tragic events? Big questions require big answers, utilizing big data. This two-year research master's programme identifies, investigates and develops solutions for broad social issues, using qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze big and small data.

Interfaculty Master's programmes

Law and International Security 2LLM in Law and Politics of International Security
Understand international law in its political context. Study the interaction between international legal institutions and international politics.

Dutch Master's programmes

For the following Dutch language Master’s programmes, more information can be found on our Dutch website.