Drs. T.E. Sno

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PhD Candidate

PhD Project

Research subject:
The aim is to study patterns of occupational status attainment among Surinamese in Suriname and elsewhere.

Very little is known about status attainment in Suriname.
Suriname appears to be an ethnically differentiated society without sharp social inequality. Many ethnically differentiated societies are strongly stratified by ethnicity, which makes for high levels of intergenerational reproduction. It is an open question whether this generalizes to Suriname.
Suriname has also experienced major flows of outmigration since the 1960s, as a result of political and socioeconomic developments. Suriname seems to be the world’s leading country with respect to out-migration, with almost 1/3 of the population residing elsewhere. The major questions of interest that arise here are on the effects of out-migration on those who stay: who have filled the positions that became vacant as a result of this huge out-migration and has this led to attainment by less-qualified candidates? If so has this led to a high level of social mobility?

Research question:
What are the effects of outmigration of Surinamese people to the Netherlands on occupational status attainment of the non-migrants and of the migrants? In what way are the current occupations compatible with education and social origin?
Sub questions:
1. How did the occupational careers of the migrants and of the non-migrants develop?
2. What is the role of education. Social background, ethnicity, gender on the occupational career?