Rojon, S., MSc

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling sociologie )


· Extreme-right movements

· Attitudes to immigration

· European Union politics

· Political participation

· Social media & protest movements

· Focus groups


Sebastien graduated from University College London with a BA in History. He then joined the MSc. in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford where his research was focused on the relationship between immigration and extreme-right voting patterns. Outside of academia, he served as a trainee for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the European Parliament. 

Research Project

POLPART (European Research Council). How citizens try to influence politics and why. International comparisons of movement and party politics. Some argue that contentious politics gain importance while traditional party politics decline. Why is it that some citizens take the electoral route while others take to the streets? Sebastien is particularly interested in the role of social media. How do online networks impact political participation and is the impact different for contentions and non-contentious forms of participation? 

Link to the POLPART website


Rojon, S. (2013) ‘Immigration and Extreme-Right Voting in France: a contextual analysis of the 2012 presidential elections’, International Migration Institute WP-79, University of Oxford.