P.K.P. Pankowska, MSc

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling sociologie )
PhD Candidate


Paulina Pankowska is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology. Previously she worked as an associate analyst with Home Affairs and Social Policy team at RAND Europe and as an affiliated researcher with the Migration and Development research group at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance. Prior to that she had worked as a junior researcher at the Empower European Universities foundation in Maastricht, Netherlands and as a research intern in the National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Paulina holds an MSc in Public Policy and Human Development from the University of Maastricht in collaboration with United Nations University and a BSc in Economics and Business from the University of Amsterdam. She is experienced in quantitative research methods and software and has a good understanding of qualitative methods. Her interests lie in data analysis and econometrics, migration, higher education and social protection. Paulina has been involved in research projects on, among others, the economic impacts of migration in Europe for both the sending and receiving countries, comparative assessments of higher education policies in Europe and the impact of various social protection schemes on poverty reduction in Indonesia.


PhD project description: Error correction in the measurement of flexible labour

The PhD project will focus on a key social statistic that informs policy and public debate: flexible employment in the Netherlands. Increasingly, CBS uses information from multiple sources to produce statistics. However, these sources may not agree about the size of flexible employment. Recent research has shown that measurement error may be responsible for this mismatch, so that, to properly inform the country, it is essential to correct for such errors.

In this project, data from the Dutch Labour Force Survey and register data will be matched and latent class analysis will be used to solve the aforementioned inconsistencies. The sensitivity of the estimates to various assumptions of latent class models such as the time independence of the error will be examined. The aim of the project is to produce consistent estimates of the size of flexible employment and mobility from flexible to permanent employment. These tables will be used for the production of CBS StatLine, that will impact indirectly important policy decisions. Furthermore, this project will show how the methods developed to produce these tables are more broadly applicable, with the aim of expanding the use of combined survey and administrative data in official statistics worldwide.


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