Kovács, Z., MSc

Zsuzsa Kovács
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling sociologie )
PhD candidate

Research Group

IDI (Identities, Diversity and Inclusion) Research Group, Sociology



The Dutch government increasingly endorses the active participation of the citizenry in public issues. Simultaneously, contemporary public and scholarly debate in the Netherlands acknowledges the growing gap between the bureaucratic system of the state and the every day life world of the citizen on the neighborhood level. Many critiques raise the rhetoric question of whether the social and political institutions in their present role are able to give the appropriate flexibility and service for the citizens to engage in public issues.

The active communities in the Indische neighborhood in Amsterdam focus on creating conditions for participation and integration on the neighborhood level. The community ideology states that their task is that there would be intensive dialogue between the actors of representative democracy (politics) and that of participatory democracy (citizenry), which is assumed to initiate social change.

The aim of this research is to qualitatively investigate the community initiatives from a stakeholder perspective in the Indische neighborhood, Amsterdam in the context of the late modern condition of social, political and economic global processes. Academia is seen as a stakeholder of growing importance in this research project.

The developments of the municipal administration of Amsterdam make this research highly relevant: in 2014, the city administration withdraws several municipal functions from the hand of neighborhood municipalities and assigns them to the central city governance.

Dr. Peer Smets
Prof. Dr. Halleh Ghorashi



Supervision of master students in the program Culture, Organization and Management in the Department of Organization Sciences



VU-publications (source: VU-METIS)