Drs. M.G. Keijer

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Ass. Prof.


  •  Methodology issues, regression-& variance analysis and time-serie analysis.
  •  Monetary economics, behavioral finance/economics and philosophy of science.




  • Methods and Techniques within Social Sciences (1st semester)
  • Philosophy of Science (2nd semester)
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods of research 2 (2nd semester)
  • Quantitative research methods (2nd semester)
  • Comparative International Political Economy(2nd semester)


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

  • Europeanisation of banking services in the Netherlands, Statistic bulletin, December 2008
  • The balancesheet and P&L of the Dutch banking sector: new reporting, Statistic bulletin, September 2008
  • Monetary Issues: Write offs in the Dutch banking sector in 2007, Economic statistic bulletins, March 2008
  • Market Research: the basics and advances, Academic service, ISBN 90-395-2475-0, 2006 (study book)
  • The telecomhype: It was really there, Economic statistic bulletins, 30 March 2001



The Influence of Family and School on Future Life Plans of Adolescents.
(Life span studies;  Stratification, mobility and inequality;  Family and youth studies )