Prof. dr. Harry B.G. Ganzeboom

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+31 20 59 88634
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling sociologie )
Professor of Sociology and Social Research Methodology

Present: monday - friday


  • Social Research Methology
  • Social Stratification and Social Mobility
  • Compararive Survey Research




  • Linear Structural Models 

Research Programme


Recent publications

Publications (Source: METIS VU)

  • Meraviglia, Cinzia; Ganzeboom, Harry B.G. (2008).  "Mothers’ and Fathers’ Influence on Occupational Status Attainment in Italy." POLENA [Political and Electoral Navigations] (2), pp. 29-65. 
  • Vries, Jannes de; Ganzeboom, Harry B.G (2008). “Hoe meet ik beroep? Open en gesloten vragen naar beroep toegepast in een statusverwervingsmodel.” Mens & Maatschappij (83,1), pp. 71-96. + “Rectificatie.” Mens & Maatschappij (83,2), pp. 190-191.
  • Rijken, Susanne; Maas, Ineke; Ganzeboom, Harry B.G. (2007). "Access to Higher Education in the Netherlands. Institutional Arrangements and Inequality of Opportunity." Pp. 266-293  in: Shavit, Yossi Arum, Richard & Adam Gamoran (Eds.) Stratification in Higher Education. A Comparative Study. Stanford CA: Stanford University PressGanzeboom,
  • Harry B.G. (2005) "On the Cost of Being Crude: A Comparison of Detailed and Coarse Occupational Coding." Pp. 241-258 in: Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Methodological Aspects of Cross-National Research, Mannheim: ZUMA-Nachrichten [Special Issue #11], 2005.
  • Ganzeboom, Harry B.G.: Luijkx, R. (2004)."More Recent Trends in Intergenerational Occupational Class Reproduction in the Netherlands 1970-2004. Evidence from an Expanded Database". Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences (40,2) pp. 114-142.
  • Ganzeboom, Harry B.G & Ruud Luijkx (2004). "Recent Trends in Intergenerational Occupational Class Reproduction in the Netherlands 1970-1999". Pp. 345-381 in: Richard Breen (Ed.), Social Mobility in Europe, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Ganzeboom, Harry B.G.; Treiman, Donald J. (2003). "Three Internationally Standardised Measures for Comparative Research on Occupational Status." Pp. 159-193 in Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik & Christof Wolf (Eds.), "Advances in Cross-National Comparison. A European Working Book for Demographic and Socio-Economic Variables". New York: Kluwer Academic Press.
  • Dessens, Jos A.G.; Jansen, Wim; Ganzeboom, Harry B.G.; Van der Heijden, Peter G.M. (2003). "Pattern and Trends in Occupational Attainment in First Jobs in the Netherlands, 1930-1995: OLS Regression versus. Conditional Multinomial Logistic Regression". :" Journal of the Royal Statistical Society", (168, Part 1), pp. 63-84.

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