Dr. T. Gaidyte

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Present:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


  • Political participation
  • Political and social attitudes 
  • Post-communism 
  • Right-wing populism 
  • Global surveys



I am a postdoctoral researcher within the research project on Political participation “How citizens influence politics and why”, led by prof. dr. Klandermans and is funded by the European Research Council (www.polpart.org).
I am involved in a sub-project on mega-analysis and comparisons of political participation over time and countries in existing global survey data.   
I am also a part of the research group ‘Social Conflict and Change’. My research interests and expertise include modes and the patterns of political participation, social and political attitudes, and the quality of democracy in Eastern Europe.
One day a week I am working as an Editorial Assistant of Sociopedia.isa, an online peer-reviewed journal that publishes state-of-the-art review articles in the social sciences (http://www.isa-sociology.org/publ/sociopedia-isa/). 

Extracurricular activities

Researcher/assistant data manager at the 'Caught in the act of protest: Contextualizing Contestation' (CCC) project. The CCC-project gathers data on 80-100 street demonstrations in eight countries: Belgium, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. For more information on the CCC-project, visit: www.protestsurvey.eu 




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