Kok, A.A.L.


Almar Kok, MSc

Telephone: +31 20 444 9336  

Room nr: Medical Faculty A-511


Unit: Faculty of Social Sciences - Dpt. of Sociology; VUmc – Dpt. of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Position: Phd-Candidate


  • Social stratification of health
  • Social Epidemiology
  • Successful Aging
  • Resilience



Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA)
I participate in the research project "Resilience in older adults with low socio-economic status". By conducting quantitative as well as qualitative research, I will identify social and psychological factors that explain why some older manage to age succesfully, despite having experienced severe socio-economic adversity throughout their lives. Co-promotors: dr. Martijn Huisman and dr. Marja Aartsen; promotor: prof. Dorly Deeg.

Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA)
I have conducted research on the impact of personality characteristics and work circumstances on work turnover in employees with and without psychopathology. Co-authors: dr. Inger Plaisier and prof. Brenda Penninx.