Msc. S. Dalby

PhD student

Monday till Friday; please call me or send an e-mail for an appointment.

Promo Master Anthropology    



  • Ethnicity
  • Politics
  • Political culture
  • Regional: Azië and China


Universalizing and Authenticating Falun Gong Cultivation: The Incorporation of Overseas Chinese and non-Chinese in Falun Gong Cultivation and Contestation. This PhD research seeks to understand how Overseas Chinese and non-Chinese in New York and Hong Kong are incorporated into, disciplined within and embodying Falun Gong cultivation and how they are mobilized into transnational and politicised practices related to contesting the persecution and torture of mainland Chinese. The project relates to theory concerning the body and practices of mediation and authentication and takes seriously the emic motivations, practices and corporeal experiences of Falun Gong practitioners.

In collaboration with the Amsterdam School for Social-Scientific Research (ASSR) and financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), this project focuses on practitioners of Falun Gong cultivation.





Publications (Source: METIS VU)