Prof Dr. D. Dalakoglou

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )
Full Professor in Social Anthropology, Chair in "Social Anthropology, with emphasis on Mobility, Infrastructures, Urban Politics and the Anthropology of Development".


Dimitris Dalakoglou is a professor at VU University Amsterdam, where he holds the Chair in Social Anthropology.

His research foci are: Infrastructures, Mobility, Urban Spaces and Anthropology of Development. In 2012 he was awarded an ESRC-Future Research Leaders grant for the project The City at a time of Crisis: Transformations of Urban Spaces in Athens.

His books include Greek Crisis: Critical Ethnographic Approaches (2017), The Road (2016), Roads and Anthropology (2014, 2012); Revolt and Crisis in Greece (2011) and Crisis-scapes: Athens and Beyond (2014). He has published over 50 articles and book chapters since 2010 and he was an Associate and Advisory editor of the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest. He Co-researched and co-produced the documentaries Future Suspended, The Politics of Knives, and Landscapes of Emergency. See also Athens Social Meltdown.

His PhD thesis was called: An Anthropology of the Road (University of London [UCL] 2009). He was visiting scholar at Material Culture at UCL, Department of Anthropology (2008-2014) and visiting scholar at CUNY Graduate Center, Center for Place, Culture and Politics (2013-2014), and fellow in the Department of History at Ca Foscari University of Venice (2005-2006).

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Research projects

PhD students

I currently supervise

  • Alexander Dunlap Renewing Destruction: Green Energy and Land-Grabbing in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Antonis Alexandridis The Poetics and Politics of Irregular Migrant Citizenship and Labour in Greece in a Time of Crisis.
  • Georgos Poulimenakos Reproduction beyond hegemony: Class and the meanings of labour in a neighborhood of Piraeus in times of deindustrialization and crisis
  • Anna Giulia Delapuppa Mothering the Nation: Nationalism, teaching history and gender in Greece
  • Jesse Jonkman Multi-ethnic Democracy and Land Tenure in Colombia

In the past supervised as first supervisor

  • Jacken Alfred Waters (ESRC funded) Production of Urban Spaces and Protest in London
  • Chet Fransch "Wood, carved by the knife of circumstance..."?: Cape Rapists and Rape in South Africa, c. 1910-1980



    Teaching awards:

    At Vrije University of Amsterdam is convening and lecturing 2016-2017:

    At University of Sussex had been Course Convener for the core MA course in Anthropology called 'Understanding Processes of Social Change' (2012, 2011, 2010) and for the UG courses: 'Advanced Theory' (2014) 'Material Cultures' (2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009) - 'Anthropological Imagination' (2012, 2009) - 'The Allure of Things' (2010) - 'Anthropology of the Body' (2010) - 'Landscape-Memory-Identity' (2009) -'Ethnographic Methods' (2009) - 'Research Skills in Anthropology' (2009) - 'Study Skills in Anthropology' (2010, 2011).



    Dalakoglou, D. & G. Agelopoulos (2017) Greek Crisis: Critical Ethnographic Approaches and Engaged Anthropological Perspectives. London: Routledge

    Dalakoglou, D. (2016) The Road: An Ethnography of (Im)mobility, Space and Cross-border Infrastructures in the Balkans. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

    Dalakoglou, D. & G. Agelopoulos (2017) Greek Crisis: Critical Ethnographic Approaches and Engaged Anthropological Perspectives. London: Routledge

    Dalakoglou, D. & P. Harvey (eds.) (2014) Roads and Anthropology: Ethnography, Infrastructures and (Im)mobility London: Routledge

    Dalakoglou, Brekke, K.-J. et al. (eds.) (2014) Crisis-scape(s): Athens and Beyond. Athens, London: The City at a Time of Crisis

    Dalakoglou, D. & P. Harvey (eds.) (2012) Roads and Anthropology. Special Issue of Mobilities vol. 7(4).

    Dalakoglou, D. & Vradis, A. (eds.) (2011) Revolt and Crisis in Greece. Oakland CA & Baltimore: AK Press.

    Dalakoglou, D. (2009) Associate and Advisory Editor in The International Encyclopedia of Revolutions and Protest: 1500 to Present. (eds. by E. Ness) Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell (8 volumes


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