Our department organizes seminars and conferences under the umbrella of various (interdiciplinary) networks.

  1. The Anthropology of Youth and Children Network brings together academics and practitioners engaged in research and work with children and youth. An official Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) since March 2012, it organizes monthly seminars that promote child- and youth-oriented theory, methodology, and research ethics. Besides, it serves as a platform for (interdisciplinary) academic research and enhances dialogue with practitioners through joint research projects, publications and conferences.
  2. The Mining Research Network (MRN) is a network for discussion and exchange among members of academia, NGOs and other institutions, who are studying worldwide mining trends and their social, political, environmental, cultural and economic implications. The MRN is an initiative of Marjo de Theije (VU University Amsterdam), Sabine Luning (Leiden University) and Barbara Hogenboom (CEDLA).