Dr. J.J. Woldendorp

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
University Lecturer

Present: Monday - Friday


Comparative Politics; History of Dutch Politics and the Dutch Political System; Corporatism; Formation, Composition and Termination of Party Government in Parliamentary Democracies; Policy and Economic Performance.


My research has three focal points: Corporatism; Formation, Composition and Termination of Party Government in Parliamentary Democracies after 1945; and Political Discussions and Decision-making regarding the building and exploitation of railways in the Netherlands since 1835.


Dutch incomes policy formation 1965-2010
English language sources for the study of  Dutch politics 1998-2008 

Party Government Data Set

Party Government Data Set 1945 - 2008


Bachelorwerkgroep (1&2)
Government, Politics and Society (Bestuur, Politiek en Samenleving)
Seminar Public Opinion and Communication


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Publications (Source: METIS VU)

Other selected publications

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  • Raad op Maat. Eindrapport plus werkdocument bijzondere commissie Vraagpunten Adviesorganen, 's-Gravenhage, februari 1993
  • Jaap Woldendorp (1990) ‘The oil embargo against South Africa: Effects and loopholes’, in: Robert E. Edgar (ed.), Sanctioning Apartheid. Trenton (NJ), Africa World Press Inc.
  • Jaap Woldendorp (1990) ‘Some successes of the oil embargo’ & ‘Technology transfer to circumvent the oil embargo’, in: Joseph Hanlon (ed.), South Africa. The Sanctions Report. Documents and Statistics. The Commonwealth Secretariat, in association with James Currey (London) and Heinemann (Portsmouth - N.H.), 1990
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