Prof.dr. W. (Wolfgang) Wagner

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+31 20 59 86904
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Professor of International Security

Present: Monday - Thursday

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International Relations; Security Studies; European Union Foreign, Security and Defense Policy; European Union Internal Security Cooperation


My major research interest concerns the manifold links between domestic politics and international conflict.

I am exploring the impact of domestic politics on international conflict in the area of policies towards renegade regimes, i.e. states whose defining feature has been the violation of international norms. I analyze to what extent differences in democracies’ policies towards renegade regimes result from different “cultures of control” that range from more rehabilitative institutions and practices to more retributive ones.

Furthermore, I am interested in the parliamentary control of military missions. This research area includes the comparative study of parliamentary powers across democracies, the explanation of variance and the study of how parliaments have adapted to processes of internationalization and Europeanization in the realm of security and defense politics (e.g. by co-operating in transnational Parliamentary Assemblies).

More detailed presentations of my research interests as well as links to publications can be found on my homepage.


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Ancillary activities

Flemish Peace Institute - Chair Scientific Advisory Council Brussels, 10 maart 2016
Foreign Policy Analysis - member of the editorial board Oxford, 01 januari 2017
Last changes Ancillary activities: Amsterdam 27 januari 2017