Dr. Ir. F.E. Six (Frédérique)

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+31 20 59 86908
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Associate professor

Present: varies

Specialization and research

Research focuses on public governance puzzles in general and more specifically the relation between trust and control . Research interests are: 

  • the relation between control and trust oriented policies and practices
  • trust and control in regulatory supervision/regulation
  • the relationship between internal and external supervision
  • governance of street-level bureaucrats, public professionals and other frontline workers
  • trust in, within and between (public) organisations

Recent and current research projects:

    - Trust in regulatory regimes (with Koen Verhoest) 
    - Regulating local governance in social domain
    - Respect and trust in organizations (with Ros Searle, Denise Skinner, Antoinette Weibel, Nicole Gillespie and Deanne den Hartog)
    - A trust approach to regulating responsible business 
    - Confusing trust: clarifying conceptual confusions around trust






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Other activities and functions

  • Chairperson of the board of the United World Colleges Scholarship Fund
  • Associate editor of Journal of Trust Research
  • Senior member of NIG
  • Member of Public Management Research Association, Academy of Management
  • First International Network on Trust, Vide, Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde.

Publications & Selection of recent publications

Publications (source: VU Metis)
Selection of recent publications:

- Weibel, A., D.N. Den Hartog, N. Gillespie, R. Searle, F.E. Six and D. Skinner (online 2015). How do controls impact trust in the employer? Human Resource Management.
- Bannink, D.B.D., F.E. Six and E.G. van Wijk (2015). ‘Bureaucratic, market or professional control? A theory on the relation between street-level task characteristics and the feasibility of control mechanisms.’ In Hupe, Hill and Buffat. Understanding street-level bureaucrats: on how they work and being managed. Bristol: Policy press, pp. 205-225
- Van de Walle S. and F.E. Six (2014). Active trust and active distrust as distinct concepts: A comparative approach to why studying distrust is important. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 16/2: 158-174.
- van Gurp, F., S. van Rees en F.E. Six (2015). ‘Vertrouwen en controle in de school’ [control and trust in schools]. In R. Kneyber en J. Evers. Het Alternatief II. De ladder naar autonomie, p. 63-73.
- Paauw-Fikkert, L.A.V., F.E. Six and P.B.M. Robben (2014). ‘Vertrouwen in toezichtbeleid’ [trust in regulation policy]. Beleid & Maatschappij, 41/3: 185-204.
- Van Wijk, E.G. en F.E. Six (2014). De diversiteit van het willen. Een onderzoek naar de dynamiek van motivaties achter regelnaleving [the diversity of motivations. Research into the dynamics of motivations for regulatory compliance]. The Hague: Boom/Lemma.

Further information

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Research Program Dynamics of Governance


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