Drs. J. Rodenberg, MSc

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
PhD student


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PhD Project

The administrative system of the Netherlands is characterized by a high degree of organizational differentiation. The public domain is conceived as a wide range of specialized policy fields, each ruled by specific legal and administrative regimes, which frequently spread responsibilities and decision-making powers over national, regional and local governments, specialized agencies and private institutions. A highly differentiated system has difficulties to cope with complex and multifaceted policy issues, as it implies the coordinated efforts of a range of actors, representing different views and interests. Moreover, it raises the question of the responsibility for an integrated approach of the issues at hand.
 Today, cultural heritage is considered a complex and multifaceted policy field. Since the Belvedere policy guideline, central government considers urban and scenic heritage objects as an integrated part of their environment; it also emphasizes that heritage management must not preclude the attribution of new functions to existing objects, as this is a safeguard for their continued conservation. This approach brings into play a series of policy sectors - spatial planning, economic development, urban renewal, nature protection, tourism, education – and their corresponding administrative regimes and public and private actors. The coordination issue is so far unresolved. The research project aims to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on strategies for coordination and integration in highly fragmented administrative systems.

Recent publications

  • J. Rodenberg, F. Kamminga and T.K. Velinova (2010) ‘Governance and integrated planning by The Hague Region’, in: C.B.E.M. Aalbers, T. van Dijk, P.D. van der Jagt en J. Westerink (eds) Analysis of regional spatial planning and decision making strategies and their impact on land use in the urban fringe. Case study of The Hague Region, The Netherlands, pp. 69-89. Alterra-rapport 1924. http://www.plurel.net/images/D331.pdf
  • ‘Berecht hi de gemeente wel?’ Beelden van correct bestuur in laatmiddeleeuws Holland (125-1450) (Masterthesis Leiden 2009)
  • ‘1018, de Slag bij Vlaardingen. Lang leve Holland?’ Musis cultureel magazine 1 (2009) 27-30.
  • Een heer van stand. Frank van Borsselen en de rol van zijn ambtenaren en hovelingen in zijn profilering als bovengewestelijk edelman in het Bourgondische landencomplex (1436 – 1470) (doctoral thesis Leiden 2006)’ www.ethesis.net/borsselen/borsselen.pdf

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