Dr. P. Pennings

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Associate Professor

Present: Monday - Friday


The research focuses on the comparative analysis of the functioning of advanced democracies, in particular the role of political parties and governments in socio-economic policy-making. He has published widely on the impact of political parties on public policy-making in a comparative perspective.


  • Seminar Publieke Opinie en Communicatie
  • HP Research Colloquium
  • Workshop Comparative Politics & Policy
  • Social Structure and Political Mobilisation
  • Leeronderzoek / Bachelorthesis
  • Political Analysis


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Publications (Source: METIS VU)

  • Pennings, P. (2010) Exploring Variations in the Political Discourse on Public Sector Reforms, 1981-2005, Public Management Review, 12, 2: 173-190.
  • Pennings, P. (2009) Party Positions on the European Constitution during the 2004 European Parliament Elections. Journal of Contemporary European Research , 5, 1: 24-42 (met C. Arnold).
  • Pennings, P. (2009) Balancing Competing Goals. Exploring the Political Controversy on New Hospital Payment Systems in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft (ZfVP), 3, 1: 59-80 (met A.M. van Essen).
  • Pennings, P. (2008) The Changing Landscape of Dutch Politics Since the 1970s: A Comparative Exploration, Acta Politica, 43 (2-3): 154-179 (with H. Keman).
  • Pennings, P. (2008) Is Constitutional Politics like Politics ‘At Home’? The Case of the EU Constitution, Political Studies, 56, 4: 789-806 (with C. Arnold).
  • Pennings, P. (2007) ‘Do they work? Validating a computerized word-frequency approach to textual analysis with hand-coded time series’, Electoral Studies, 26, 1: 121-29 (special issue by Gary Marks) (with I. Budge).
  • Pennings, P. H. Keman, J. Kleinnijenhuis (1999/2006), Doing Research in Political Science. An Introduction to Comparative Methods and Statistics. London: Sage.



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