Overeem, P.

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Assistant professor (political theory)


Patrick Overeem is an assistant professor specialized in political theory. He also serves as Political Science coordinator at the bachelor program Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE).

Until September 2016, Patrick worked at Leiden University, where he obtained his PhD (2010) with a dissertation on constitutional arguments for dividing between politics and administration in modern states. He holds degrees in Political Science (2002, cum laude) and Public Administration (2003) from Leiden University.


  • Political theory
  • Political and administrative ethics
  • Constitutionalism
  • Philosophy of social science


Patrick conducts research in the field of political theory. Much of his work revolves around the quality and interplay of what Aristotle called the politeia (form of government) and the politikos (politician), in other words, constitutional and ethical questions. This interest has led to publications on, among other things, value pluralism, regime values, statesmanship, integrity, and virtue ethics.

In 2016, Patrick has an Early Career Fellowship from the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF), which includes a grant for conducting the research project ‘Compromise with Character’. The aim of this project is to develop an integrated framework for assessing the (moral) quality of political compromises. The project also takes into account the context in which political compromises are made, looking particularly at their feasibility in multi-party democracies under conditions of polarization and populism.

Patrick’s work has appeared in international journals such as Perspectives on Political Science, Res Publica, Public Administration Review, and Administration & Society. He is a senior member of the Netherlands Institute for Government (NIG).

Academic service

Besides research and teaching at the Department, Patrick serves as coordinator for Political Science at the bachelor program Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), which started September 2016 and is taught at its own college, the J.S. Mill College.

At Leiden University, Patrick served as a member of (among other things) the Faculty Council, the Education Committee, and the Admission Committee.


In 2016-2017, Patrick teaches the following courses:

  • Bachelorwerkgroep Politicologie 2
  • Decision-making & Institutional Policy Change
  • Premaster Research Paper
  • Honours Programme Research Colloquium
  • Workshop Comparative Politics & Policy
  • PPE in Practice I: Wellbeing, Politics, and Markets (PPE)
  • Comparative Politics (PPE)
  • Master thesis supervision
As an assistant professor at Leiden University, Patrick has taught courses on political philosophy, government ethics, public values, and the philosophy of social science. For his teaching, he was awarded a fellowship of the Leiden Teachers’ Academy. He obtained the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO) diploma in 2010.


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Publications (source: METIS)

Some recent publications:

  • Overeem, P. & F.E. Bakker (forthcoming). Statesmanship beyond the modern state. Perspectives on Political Science. 
  • Sager, F. & P. Overeem (2015). The European Public Servant: A Shared Administrative Identity? Colchester: ECPR Press. 
  • Overeem, P. & J. Verhoef (2014). Moral dilemmas, theoretical confusion: Value pluralism and its supposed implications for public administration. Administration & Society, 46(8): 986-1009. 
  • Overeem, P. (2014). Politiek als mensenwerk: Pleidooi voor een politieke filosofie van de politikos, Res Publica, 56(4): 534-537.