Dr. ir. H.M. Koolma

Research fellow

Department: Political Science and Public Administration

Email:  h.m.koolma@vu.nl


Housing corporations, governance, leadership failures, stewardship theory, multi-agent systems, complex adaptive systems, governance networks, measuring effectiveness and efficiency of non-profit organizations, legitimacy, mergers, economies of scale, enforcement of law & legislation, decision making, behavorial finance, institutional economics, integrity and accountability of real estate transactions.


Large quantitative investigation into the effectiviness and efficiency of housing corporations (in co-operation with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), derailed leadership and governance failures in Dutch public and semi-public sectors, role of public media in power relationship between public government and private service organizations.


Publicaties (Bron: METIS VU)


Further information

Rik Koolma has graduated in 1985 as building engineer at the Technical University of Delft. In 2009 he graduated externally as PhD at the department of Public Administration and Organization Science of the VU University.

Rik Koolma is owner of a consultancy firm specialized in the field of housing corporations and the accountability of real estate transactions. In co-operation with the Land Registry (Kadaster) he has developed a big data analysis tool for the facilitation of the accounting of real estate positions and transactions. He is also teacher Applied Business Research at the Business University Nyenrode.