drs. G.M. van Iterson Scholten

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PhD student


International relations
Peace and conflict studies
Global civil society
Philosophy of science


1998-2003: History (MA) – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
2004-2006: Philosophy (MA) – University of Amsterdam
2011-2012: Teacher of philosophy (MA) – University of Amsterdam


In his PhD research, Gijsbert van Iterson Scholten researches the different concepts of peace peacebuilders use in their everyday work. The critical peacebuilding literature often assumes that there is one concept of peace, the liberal peace, that a host of Western state and non-state actors imposes on the population of conflict affected areas. This PhD research questions that assumption by inductively exploring the different ideas of peace that Western and non-Western peaceworkers, be they activists, NGO staff or civil servants, have.

The research takes place under the aegis of the IKV/VU chair in Citizens’ involvement in conflict and post-conflict situations and is financially supported by the Interchurch Peace Council (IKV).


  • Van Oosterzee, J.J. and G.M. van Iterson Scholten (2009) ‘Discussions between Islamists and secularists as peace building’ in: M. Monjib (ed.), Islamists versus secularists. Confrontations and dialogues in Morocco. Rabat: Centre Ibn Rochd for Studies and Communication, 15-19.

Ancillary activities

Junior lecturer in conflict studies – University of Amsterdam