Prof.dr. L.W.J.C. (Leo) Huberts

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Professor of Public Administration

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L.W.J.C. (Leo) Huberts (1953) studied Political Science at Nijmegen University, did his PhD at Leiden University on the Influence of Protest and Pressure on Government Policy (finished in 1988), and joined the department of Political Science and Public Administration at VU University Amsterdam in 1990 as assistant professor in public administration. He was appointed as professor in Police Studies and Criminal Justice (sponsored chair) in 1997, as full professor in the Integrity of Governance in 2004 (strategic chair) and as full professor in Public Administration in 2007. He founded and leads the departmental research group Quality of Governance and is portfolio holder for research (and vice-dean) of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Huberts’ main areas of research concern systems of governance and power, and the quality, integrity and ethics of governance. Huberts is also involved in the Study Group on Quality and Integrity of Governance of the European Group for Public Administration and is since 2012 founder and co-chair of the Study Group on Quality of Governance of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).

Curriculum vitae


. Research on quality of governance

· Research on integrity of governance (including corruption)
. Research on systems of governance and power


Research on the quality and integrity of governance. What can go wrong and why, and what helps to improve good governance (instruments, organization). The research is part of the research program ‘New public governance’.

Selection of publications

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  • Huberts, Leo & Alain Hoekstra (Eds.) (2016). Integrity management in the public sector: The Dutch approach. The Hague: BIOS.
  • Lawton, Alan, Zeger van der Wal & Leo Huberts (Eds) (2016). Ethics in public policy and management: A global research companion. London & New York: Routledge
  • Huberts, L.W.J.C. (2014). The Integrity of Governance. What it is, What we know, What is done, and Where to go. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Heuvel, J.H.J. van den, L.W.J.C. Huberts & E.R. Muller (Red.) (2012). Integriteit: Integriteit en integriteitsbeleid in Nederland (Integrity and Integrity Policy in the Netherlands). Deventer: Kluwer.
  • Huberts, Leo W.J.C., Jeroen Maesschalck & Carole L. Jurkiewicz (Eds.) (2008). Ethics and Integrity of Governance. Perspectives across Frontiers. Cheltenham UK Edward Elgar. 
  • Huberts, Leo W.J.C., Frank Anechiarico & Frédérique Six (Eds.) (2008). Local Integrity Systems. The Hague: BJu Legal Publishers. 

Selected articles and book chapters

  • Huberts, Leo (2016). Dutch approach to integrity of governance in context. In: Leo Huberts & Alain Hoekstra (Eds.),  Integrity management in the public sector: The Dutch approach. The Hague: BIOS, pp. 202-214
  • Lawton, Alan, Leo Huberts & Zeger van der Wal (2016). Towards a Global Ethics: Wishful thinking or a strategic necessity?  In Alan Lawton, Zeger van der Wal, and Leo Huberts (Eds), Ethics in public policy and management: A global research companion. London & New York: Routledge, pp. 327-343.
  • Graaf, Gjalt de, Leo Huberts & Remco Smulders (2014/2016) Coping With Public Value Conflicts. Administration & Society DOI: 10.1177/0095399714532273 (online 29 April 2014)
  • Huberts, Leo W.J.C.  & Frédérique E. Six (2012) Local Integrity Systems. Towards a Framework for Comparative Analysis and Assessment. Public Integrity  14 (2): 151–172. 
  • Lasthuizen, Karin, Leo Huberts and Leonie Heres (2011). How to Measure Integrity Violations. Towards a Validated Typology of Unethical Behavior. Public Management Review 13 (3): 383-408. 
  • Graaf, G. de and L.W.J.C. Huberts (2008). Portraying the Nature of Corruption. Using an Explorative Case-Study Design. Public Administration Review 68 (4): 640-653.
  • Wal, Zeger van der and Leo Huberts (2008). Value Solidity in Government and Business. Results of an Empirical Study on Public and Private Sector Organizational Values. American Review of Public Administration 38 (3): 264-285.

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International Institute of Public Ethics - Fellow Onbekend, 02 december 2013
Zijlstra Center - Member Board of Trustees Amsterdam, 30 juni 2015
WODC Min V&J - Chair advisory committee research project Den Haag, 01 september 2016
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