Prof.dr. J.C.J. Boutellier

Professor in Safety and Resilience (part time)

Picture: Riesjelle van der Valk

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Public morality
Social order
Citizens participation
Safety and security
Crime and criminal justice
Police and justice organizations
The secular condition

Safety and Resilience

Boutellier is the Coordinator of the knowledge workplace safety & resilience, a collaboration of the Institute for Societal Resilience (Vu) and the Verwey-Jonker Institute. The work place supports municipalities and security regions in their approach to pressing problems: social tensions in districts, law enforcement and monitoring, radicalization, citizen participation, fear of crime problems and the like. The starting point is that security policy should be always in the sign of strengthening the local quality and vitality of the local area. The knowledge workshop works solution-oriented, in the light of the latest scientific findings, tools and concepts. We do the quantitative and qualitative diagnosis and proposals for treatment.

The knowledge workshop builds on the research program Safety & citizenship, but also maintains relationships with other organizations, disciplines and experts. So we cover a wide area, but the research is always tayler made  and, if desired, in co-creation with policy makers and professionals. There is still working on a portal, but those interested can send an email message to


Security and Citizenship (MSc)

Key publications in English

Boutellier, Hans (2012). The Improvising Society; Social Order in a Boundless World. The Hague: Eleven
Boutellier, Hans (2004). The Safety Utopia;Contemporary Discontent and Desire as to Crime and Punishment. New York: Springer (also translated into French)
Boutellier, Hans (2000) Crime and Morality; the Significance of Criminal Justice in Postmodern Culture. New York: Springer

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Other activities and functions

Hans Boutellier is scientific director of the Verwey-Jonker Institute in Utrecht and was formerly Professor of security and citizenship.