Biejan Poor Toulabi, LLM

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+31 20 59 87545
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
Lecturer (International Relations)


Biejan Poor Toulabi is lecturer in International Relations and the program coordinator for the bachelor and master programs in Political Science and LLM Law and Politics of International Security. He studied business administration, political science, international relations, and international law at the VU. His main research interest is in the proliferation of nuclear weapons.


  • Bachelor Thesis Political Science (IR track)
  • Workshop in International Relations (MSc)
  • Bachelor Tutorial 1 (political ideology)
  • Bachelor Tutorial 2 (academic research/writing seminar)
  • Bachelor Tutorial 3 (theory and practice of international politics, practical and professional skills)
  • Politics of International Security (minor International Security)

Ancillary Activities

Pugwash Nederland (Den Haag)
Board member (January 2014)


Ancillary activities

Pugwash Nederland - Board member Den Haag, 01 januari 2014
Last changes Ancillary activities: Amsterdam 27 januari 2017