T.A.H. Willems (Thijs), MSc

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PhD student


Varies. Contact through e-mail.


  • Practices and practice theory
  • Inter-organizational collaboration
  • Ethnography and interpretive methodology
  • Management of complexity
  • Disruptions and breakdowns


I have conducted ethnographic research on the Dutch railway system with a specific focus on inter-organizational collaboration during disruptions and breakdowns. I employ several different theoretical and philosophical perspectives to study how organizations of large-scale infrastructural systems deal with and manage complexity. Central to my work is the tension between the simplification of complexity on the one hand (i.e. standardization, measurement, etc.) and embracing complexity on the other hand (i.e. a practice-based perspective). I am interested in a broad range of work that studies the sociomaterial practices in technical (infrastructure) organizations and explorations of the link between management and organization studies and philosophy.

Publications (Source: METIS VU)


Masterthesis supervision for COM and BCO (as long as it concerns ethnographic/interpretive research methods).