Dr. F.H. Kamsteeg

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+31 20 59 86737
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
Associate Professor, Member Examination Committee


Monday to Friday


  • Organizational Culture & Identity
  • Methodology, Ethnography 
  • Civil Society and Higher Education
  • Regions: The Netherlands, South Africa, Latin America


My research focuses on topics that are related to higher education, varying from cultural change in merged higher education institutions in South Africa to institutional changes in academia in general. I specially pay attention to identity and diversity in organizational settings. As an engaged ethnographic scholar I highly value issues of methodology and reflexivity.


  • Sensemaking in Organizations
  • Organizational Ethnography
  • Premaster's Theses
  • Master's Theses


Publications (Source: METIS VU

  • (2009, with S.Ybema), ‘Making the Familiar Strange: A Case for Disengaged Ethnography.’ In Ybema, Sierk; Dvora Yanow; Harry Wels, and Frans Kamsteeg (eds.), OrganizationalEthnography. Studying the Complexities of Everyday Life. London, etc.: Sage, pp. 101-119 
  • (2011) Transformation as social drama: stories about merging at North West University, South Africa, Anthropology Southern Africa, 2011, 34(1&2): 51-61
  • (2013, with Machteld de Jong and Sierk Ybema) ‘Ethnographic strategies for making the familiar strange: Struggling with ‘distance’ and ‘immersion’ among Moroccan-Dutch students’ Journal of Business Anthropology 2 (2): 168-186 
  • (2015, with Sijko J. Wierenga, P. Robert Jan Simons, Marcel Veenswijk) ‘Teachers making sense of result-oriented teams: A cognitive anthropological approach to educational change’. Journal of  Educational Change 16: 53–78

further information

Part of my time I spend to SAVUSA, the VU South Africa desk, please see http://www.fsw.vu.nl/en/international-relations/savusa/index.asp