Prof. dr. Jan Kleinnijenhuis

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Jan Kleinnijenhuis
+31 20 59 86827
faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling communicatiewetenschap )

Office days:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Information in Dutch



  • Politieke communicatie en journalistiek
  • Newseffects
  • Taal en automatische inhoudsanalyse


Current lines of research

  • News effects
  • Economic news and political news, patterns of agenda-building
  • Content Analysis, Semantic Network Analysis [verder...]


Current teaching

  • News Effects, MA Communication Science
  • Nieuwsframes, nieuwsimpact en burgerschap, MA Journalistiek
  • Communication Classics, BA 1, Communication Science

Selected publications

  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., Schultz, F., Utz, S. & Oegema, D. (forthcoming). The mediating role of the news in the BP oil spill crisis 2010: How US news is influenced by public relations and in turn affects public awareness, foreign news and the share price. Communication Research.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., & de Nooy, W. (2013). Adjustment of issue positions based on network strategies in an election campaign: A two-mode network autoregression model with cross-nested random effects. Social Networks, 35(2), 168–177.
    doi: 10.1016/j.socnet.2011.03.002.
  • de Nooy, W., & Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2013). Polarization in the media during an election campaign: a dynamic network model predicting support and attack among political actors. Political Communication, 30(1), 117-138. doi: DOI: 10.1080/10584609.2012.737417.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., Schultz, F., Oegema, D., & van Atteveldt, W. (2013). Financial news and market panics in the age of high-frequency sentiment trading algorithms. Journalism, 14(2), 271-291. doi: 10.1177/1464884912468375.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., van Atteveldt, W., & Welbers, K. (2013). De herkomst van vertrouwen in de rechtsstaat 1993–2012, onderzocht via  tekstmining van de mediaberichtgeving en analyse van de publieke opinie (pp. 1-122). Den Haag: WODC.
  • Takens, J. H., van Atteveldt, W., van Hoof, A., & Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2013). Media logic in election campaign coverage. European Journal of Communication.  doi:10.1177/0267323113478522.
  • Schultz, F., Kleinnijenhuis, J., Oegema, D., Utz, S., & van Atteveldt, W. (2012). Strategic framing in the BP crisis: A semantic network analysis of associative frames. Public Relations Review, 38(1), 97-107. doi: 10.1016/j.pubrev.2011.08.003.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., & Takens, J. H. (2011). Het politieke nieuwsaanbod van dagbladen en televisie: objectief en pluriform? In J. Thomassen & R. B. Andeweg (Eds.), Democratie doorgelicht: het functioneren van de Nederlandse democratie (pp. 407-424). Leiden: Leiden University Press.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., van den Hooff, B., Utz, S., Vermeulen, I., & Huysman, M. (2011). Social Influence in Networks of Practice: An Analysis of Organizational Communication Content. Communication Research, 38(5), 587-612. doi: 10.1177/0093650210385225.
  • Takens, J. H., van Hoof, A. M. J., van Atteveldt, W., & Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2011). Do new parties bring personalization, a narrow issue agenda, and populist rhetoric? Evidence from Dutch election campaign coverage from 1998 to 2006. In T. van Haaften, H. Jansen, J. de Jong & W. Koetsenruijter (Eds.), Bending Opinion: essays on persuasion in the public domain (pp. 327-348). Leiden: Leiden University Press.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., & van Hoof, A. M. J. (2009). Media coverage of government policies and satisfaction with information provision and policy results. Politiische Vierteljahresschrift. Sonderheft Politik in der Mediendemokratie (Hrsg. B. Pfetsch & F.Marcinkowski) , 42: 320-344. [PDF]
  • Pennings, P.J.M., Keman, J.E & Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2009). Global comparative methods. In: Landman, T. & Robinson, N. (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Comparative Politics, pp. 35-49. London, etc.: Sage. [PDF]
  • van Atteveldt, W., Kleinnijenhuis, J. & Ruigrok, N. (2008). Parsing, Semantic Networks, and Political Authority Using Syntactic Analysis to Extract Semantic Relations from Dutch Newspaper Articles. Political Analysis 16(4): 428-446.[PDF]
  • van Atteveldt, W., Kleinnijenhuis, J., Ruigrok, N. & Schlobach, S. (2008). Good News or Bad News: conducting sentiment analysis on Dutch texts to distinguish between positive and negative relations. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 5 (1), 73-94.[PDF]
  • van Noije, L.L.J., Kleinnijenhuis, J. & Oegema, D. (2008). Loss of parliamentary control: Due to Mediatization and Europeanization: a Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Analysis of Agenda Building in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. British Journal of Political Science 38(3), 455-478. [PDF]
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., de Ridder, J.A. & Rietberg, E.M. (2008). Reasoning in economic discourse: a network approach to the Dutch Press. In K. Krippendorff & M. Bock (Eds.), The Content Analysis Reader (430-442). Thousand Oaks: Sage.
  • Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2008). Empirical research in contemporary social sciences relevant to Public Relations: the network approach. In: van Ruler, A.A., Verčič, A.T. & Verčič, D. Public relations metrics: research and evaluation (pp. 60-87). New York: Francis & Taylor.
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  • Kleinnijenhuis, J., van Hoof, A. M. J., Oegema, D., & de Ridder, J. A. (2007). A Test of Rivaling Approaches to Explain News Effects: News on issue positions of parties, real-world developments, support and criticism, and success and failure. Journal of Communication, 57(2), 366-384. [PDF]
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  • Pennings, P. J. M., Keman, J. E., & Kleinnijenhuis, J. (2006, 2nd ed). Doing research in political science. New York / London: Sage.

Other academic activities

  • Research Coordinator “Social and Communication Networks” program of The Network Institute [verder...]
  • Research Coordinator Department of Communication Science
  • Board of “Stichting KiezersOnderzoek Nederland” (SKON)
  • Exam Committee Communication Science
  • Exam Committee Journalism Studies
  • Member of Netherlands School of Communications Research (NESCoR), International
  • Communication Association (ICA), Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek (NKWP).

Ancillary activities

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