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Johan Hoorn: social robots, both technical and communicative

Johan Hoorn is a researcher and developer of social robotics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He develops artificial intelligence, but also looks at the impact of robots on the user. This was recorded in a by now worldwide known documentary Alice cares, where three old women are visited by a friendly care robot, with major consequences for all concerned. For this documentary, he won with his group the Eureka Prize of the national science council (NWO/KNAW) for the best that happened that year in the Netherlands to make science accessible to the public at large. In Paris, the film won the international Prix Grand Écran for best scientific documentary.

Johan Hoorn also does many radio and television appearances, including in Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. He is a frequent speaker on (inter)national congresses and meetings of knowledge and health institutions and industry, but also in debate centers like De Balie. He performed at RTL Late Night, Time for Max, and was sampled in De Wereld Draait Door. Newspaper and magazine articles about his work appeared in Vrij Nederland, NRC Handelsblad, AD, Trouw, Het Parool. One of his robot-care concepts has been exhibited in the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen for modern art, Rotterdam.

About Johan Hoorn

Enthusiastic speaker who seeks the cutting edge

Johan Hoorn en Alice

Johan Hoorn’s special way of presenting mixes theatrical elements with scientific findings. Do not expect a boring Powerpoint show. Instead, be prepared for robots in a wheelchair, in a shopping trolley, doing a dance or making a joke. And that trip over, much to the exhilaration and fright of the audience. Johan Hoorn also does design sessions with the audience to explore robotics solutions to societal problems. A passionate and enthusiastic speaker who seeks the cutting edge when it comes to exploring the moral boundaries of robotics.

Topics on which Johan Hoorn speaks:

  • Robots in healthcare and education
  • Opportunities and dangers of artificial intelligence
  • Moral dilemmas in the use of robotics
  • Privacy, information security and legislation re social robots
  • Impact of robotics on employment
  • Robotics and innovation in business
  • Art and creativity: Can robots be creative?