The Department of Communication Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an innovative and internationally visible research group that contributes to knowledge and theory development in the field, by conducting fundamental as well as societal relevant applied research. The field of Communication Science has changed profoundly with the advent of new media technologies, new communication routines, and new empirical research methods. The department responds to these major trends by organizing research activities in the program “Communication Choice, Content, and Consequences (CCCC)”. Within this program three different research groups focus on three evolving areas that are considered of crucial importance to the field: Political Communication & Media Monitoring, Media Psychology, and Social Media.

The staff of  the department focus predominantly on these important themes within Communication Science, and do so in close collaboration with scholars from other disciplines within the “Institute for Societal Resilience (ISR)” of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the VU-based multidisciplinary “Network Institute” to analyze communication processes from different perspectives.

Accordingly, research is published in leading journals in Communication Science as well as in journals of related disciplines.