Master Communication Science

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Master program Communication Science

Please note: the Master program Communication Science is taught primarily in Dutch.

Our society places increasing demands on the way we communicate with each other. Media, companies, departments within organizations, individuals and political parties - they all have a diverse audience and operate in an information-rich environment. In the one-year, full-time Master program Communication Science students study the importance and role of communication from various perspectives and gain insight into diverse communication processes. For example, the effects of gaming, social networking or media coverage of political figures and parties.

The Master program Communication Science distinguishes four specializations: Political and public communication, Media psychology, Corporate communication and new media, and Marketing and health communication. Each specialization will work with the latest knowledge and insights. Students will learn how communication processes work in practice and how one can analyze and steer them. The Master program of Communication Science is characterized by a strong link between scientific research and socially relevant communication phenomena such as the rise of social media.