Communication Science

Within the Department of Communication Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the focus is on the role that media and communication technologies play in relations between individuals, organisations and society.

Research by the department is characterised by the use of advanced research methods and technology, working in close collaboration with other scientists within the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as with scholars from other scientific disciplines such as computer science, linguistics and psychology.

The staff of the department are highly regarded in the international community, as attested by publications in leading journals within both their own discipline and related fields. The knowledge gained by research in the department is increasingly applied to domains such as social robotics, behavior modification by use of apps, and the use of social media by organizations. This knowledge plays also an important role in the teaching programme provided by the department. Students do not only learn to apply scientific knowledge, but also to conduct scientific research into communication processes.

The teaching programme has produced numerous alumni that in various functions are concerned with communication processes within organizations in both the private and public sector.